Watch Out For These Features in FIFA 19

EA Canada revealed the much-anticipated FIFA 19 video game although its release will be in September 2018. Some features of this new simulation game are similar to those found in its predecessor. Others are new. In some cases, EA Canada enhanced existing features. Overall, this incredible game is worth your time and money.

Here is a comprehensive FIFA 19 Review.

  • Goal Kicks Can Be Secretive

Interestingly, the camera does not move when you move the stick during a goal kick. That means you can emulate tactics typically used by Manchester City and Barcelona when dealing with these situations. More specifically, you can play from your right back or center back without the second player knowing where you will pass.


  • Patterns Made By Your Team

You could not tell your full backs what runs they should make when they were on the attack. Now you can do that with FIFA 19. Go to the team management instructions tab for players. You will see an option. It allows you to communicate with your full backs. Use it to direct to under-lap into the pitch’s center or overlap the winger.


  • Planning Ahead is Possible

The creation and implementation of a game plan is an added feature in FIFA 19. More specifically, you can configure different tactical options before the match starts. Therefore, having separate game plans depending on your score is possible. For example, you can go on the offensive when you are one goal down. Alternatively, you can protect your lead when you are two goals up.


  • The Commentators Are Incredible

Alan Smith and Martin Tyler entertained FIFA 18 players with their witty and entertaining commentaries. Fortunately, EA Canada went a step further by introducing a new commentary team for the Champions League. More specifically, it added Lee Dixon and Derek Rae to the list of commentators. They will add flavor to the game with their expert commentaries.


  • Customization is Possible

You will see the Champions Leader in the Journey, Career, and Ultimate Team mode. You can get it in Standalone Mode as well. Fortunately, you can set up a customized Champions League within that mode, and you can include any team you like. In fact, Arsenal can be in it as well. That will enhance your gaming experience because it adds variety to the game.


  • Control Over Your Defensive Styles

FIFA 19 gives you an improved level of control over your team’s defensive style. More specifically, you can change the way your team tries to reclaim the ball. The settings you can use for this kind of change are ‘pressure on heavy touch,’ ‘drop back, ‘ and ‘balanced.’ Others are ‘pressure after possession loss’ and ‘constant pressure.’


  • Changing the Width and Depth of Your Team

Tactical depth is critical especially when it comes to penetrating defenses. In fact, Brazil used it to score the final goal against Italy in the 1970 World Cup. Luckily, you can adjust the width and depth of your team in FIFA 19. You can change the players you send forward as well when you are dealing with corner kicks.


  • It Has a Touch of Class

This additional detail may seem unworthy of mention, but affects the experience you have while playing the game. More specifically, step-overs are a bit easier to trigger than in previous versions of the game. They are also stronger than they were. It is worth noting that a right-weighted step-over brings a slight touch to the left and vice versa. This feature helps you fool your opponent.


  • Confirmation of Tactics

FIFA games were ambiguous when it came to the activation of in-game tactical options. This ambiguity annoyed players because they would never know if these options were temporary or permanent. Fortunately, FIFA 19 has a clear toggle bringing some clarity to this aspect of the video game. For example, you would know when you are telling a center back to join an offensive play.


  • Through Passes

The experiencing of passing the ball to other players feels better in FIFA 19 than it did in previous versions of the game. However, the most significant improvement is when it comes to making through passes. More specifically, they feel more natural than they ever did. They also feel powerful. In fact, EA Canada might reduce this power before they release the game in September.

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