FIFA 20 – A New Game Experience That is Worth Your Time

Recently I got the chance to get my hands on the sample of the game FIFA 20 in an event. I would say that FIFA 20 is kind similar to FIFA 19 but with hell lot of modifications, customizations, and add-ons. But unfortunately, we couldn’t get the FIFA 20 Beta as we were not being able to get the Beta code. 

So to make things clear, this review is not a review about FIFA 20 Beta rather a general overview of the game. 

Sam Rivera, the lead producer of the gameplay announced that the key areas that have been the priority this year are around the pace. With tough defenders, sharpshooting strikers, Volta mode and indoor five-a-side mode, FIFA 20 are all about to rock your soccer gaming experience this year. 

FIFA 20 – Release Date

Developed by Electronic Arts, FIFA 20 is scheduled to be released by September 27 and is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Well, this is not a surprise because last year FIFA released its game around the same time of the year. You can pre-order your FIFA 20 and can get the advantage to access the game three days before the worldwide release. 

If you are an EA access player, then you get to witness the thrill of the game a week earlier with your subscription services.

 So what are you waiting for? Place your order right now. 

FIFA 20 – Trailer

If you have not seen the latest trailer of FIFA 20, then you are definitely at loss. 

If you can remember the early PS1-era of FIAF games then you can relate to this. With the new “Volta Football” mode you can play 3v3 Rush, 4v4 Rush and many professional Futsal matches both indoors and outdoors match in different stadiums from all around the world.

FIFA 20 Gameplay Details

Discussing the gameplay of FIFA 20 , there is a lot to dig deep. To be specific, the game has three core aspects to it. 

The first being increasing the overall understanding of the Al players, making it more impactful than the last version of FIFA allowing the AL to defend for you in the best way possible. This adds a more realistic feeling to the football match. Though controlled by AI, defenders can still present a strong challenge and you don’t the feeling of those annoying superhuman athletes. The players operated by Artificial Intelligence can also make mistakes now. 

The second core aspect is the “decisive moments” designed with four brand new mechanics: Controller Tackling, Strafe Dribbling, Composed Finishing, and Set Piece Refresh. FIFA 20 makes sure that attackers with lower dribbling can be attacked and tackled easily by defenders while you can also attack the high dribbling stat and beat them. You get this feeling of realism all across the team. Electronic Arts mentions that this change has been designed bearing in mind to give the team play a more natural feeling rather than the tedious running into walls after walls of defenders.

The third aspect is “the ball physics”. With new shot trajectories and more realistic tackle interactions, you can feel the benefits of better physics-driven behavior. You can easily spin your ball thus allowing you more freedom over striking the ball during the time of penalty. Isn’t that amazing?

You can easily switch between players that seem more improved and more intelligent thus giving you control over team members. You can easily switch to manual mode, just to make things simpler for you.

Also being described as “authentic game flow” FIFA 20 is all around the gaming market making sure the one-on-one encounters feel more like miniatures battles as one dribble towards the penalty hit. Now you can easily score past goalkeepers and along with the dynamic weather and larger and vivid stadiums this new version of FIFA is expected to be the world’s biggest sporting sim.

Final Verdict

This is indeed one of the best soccer games that the whole gaming world is obsessed about and with the upcoming release FIFA 20 hack, this game is about to reach a new level. The developers have made sure that this latest has everything that the players always desired.