FIFA 19 – The Ultimate FIFA Dream Team

One of the primary concerns for gamers is that FIFA 19 game developers will repeat the same mistakes they made for the FIFA 18. Many game fans were startled to find that what was marketed during the demo was very different from what they bought. The game release was later followed by several updates that begged the question; why not develop the game to incorporate all features before release.

EA is yet to make an official release date, but game reviewers are speculating the game will be available in September 2018. However, there has been a short footage of what to expect from FIFA 19 game. The changes to the game are will be subtle rather than significant game features.

Some of the anticipated changes;

  1. The mini-map: In the previous games, it can be difficult distinguishing the players. This has been changed, and now opponents appear as triangles and game players as circles.
  2. Improved animations: the game will incorporate some cool animations like the ability to perform chest controls and various maneuvers when chasing the ball.
  3. More attacking options: you can customize the game and give instructions to players to strike with more precision or have more players to help in gaining possession.
  4. Timing Finishing: is a cool feature that lets players maximize their goal scoring range. If you press, shoot a second time just before the player makes the shoot you get options to adjust your curve, accuracy, and
  5. Sweet Spot: to increase the chances of the ball striking the top corner merely tap circle or press B when the player’s foot hits the ball.
  6. Tactics: You can now assign tactics when you are losing a game. During half-time, if the score is 1-0, you can set tactics for the team. Press the D-pad, and this should be implemented.

EA has acquired a Champions league license so expect some of your favorite teams. This extends to the Champions league logos, and commentary team – Lee Dixon and Derek Rae.  Though not as anticipated as the Champions League, the game will feature the Europa league. It is estimated that the game will have nine playable teams:

  • Juventus
  • Bayern Munich
  • PSG
  • Man United
  • Real Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Man City

Gameplay Improvements

Some of the features influencing gameplay will include better passing; this has been redesigned to make it feel more natural. An active touch system will enable players to make first touches from any part of their body. You can also feint attacks by shifting your body weight to one side when the ball is fast approaching.

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a great season at Real Madrid and is a favorite player with the younger FIFA fans. He will be the cover athlete for the FIFA 19 game. Fans were able to glimpse at the game during the EA play held on June 9.

Final Thoughts

The FIFA 19 is slated for release in September, and ardent fans can wait to get their hands on the game. While there have been changes to FIFA 19, the changes are subtle, and you will need to be keen to notice them.

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