A Glimpse to the FIFA 19 Game Improvements

Fans are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the football season this August and what better way to start this than the FIFA 19 game. EA Sports has promised its fans improved features and gameplay. It is expected that the game will be launched in September 2018. What clearly stands out is that we will now have the Champions League included in the teams. EA sports have acquired the licensing rights to brand the stadiums, trophy, and famous Champions League anthem.

The cover athlete for the game is non-other than Cristiano Ronaldo. He had a remarkable season in Real Madrid before his move to Juventus. To make the career mode more realistic and in tune with the football world, EA has incorporated the Europa League as part of gameplay.

Improvements in Gameplay

You can now shoot will all the finesse due to improved pressing buttons. If your team is losing, you can change tactic and make them more attacking. This enables the players to win the ball more times.

The Mini-map has been improved, and this will help you identify players and opponents more easily. For example, one team will have circles and the other triangles. This will make it to identify players, especially where the jerseys colors are very similar.

New commentary team: The Champions League will have Lee Dixon and Derek Rae offering commentary while the domestic League will feature Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.

Champions League game mode: You can play the teams in the normal modes for journey and career or if you want to customize the game to see how some of the teams will perform a switch to the standalone mode.

Active Touch System: The new system will give the gamers more creative options in how they control and pass the ball. First touches have been incorporated as well as a new animation called the Neymar trap; set of tricks to confuse opponents.

Timed Finishing: This feature will help players make more accurate goals. By double tapping the shoot button, you can precisely connect a shot for the perfect finish. You can use this feature for headers and long shots.

Champions channel: The game is all about improving your skills. In this channel, you can view highlights of some top rated players in the champions skills with the aim of learning some cool.

Tactical Advantage: This feature will help the player have better control of the team. Though the details on the feature are scanty, we think it will help players customize their team’s pre and mid-match. This will come in handy especially when the team is doing badly. You will have various tactical advantages at your disposal to change gameplay after half-time.
Final thoughts

Fans all over the world anticipate the FIFA 19 game. But, it is the introduction of the Champion League features that have made the game sort after. While the release date has not been officially announced many are the view that it will be sometime in September 2018. Expect better touch systems, timed finishing and a new commentary team for the games.