New Features That Make FIFA 19 A Whole New Gaming Experience

Over the years, people have enjoyed playing games on their PCs by upgrading to the latest versions of FIFA that are released on an annual basis. FIFA 19 has brought a whole unique experience to football lovers who like playing the game on PCs. Many features have now been included in the game, and as the release date approaches, one should learn about them. One should know the different ways in which the features are expected to bring more fun to the game. Some of the features that were initially not in the previous versions of FIFA and have been included in FIFA 19 include the following:

Better ways of taking goal kicks

One of the things that make players feel that the current version does not fully satisfy their needs is the fact that the opponent can read their minds. Currently, when taking a goal-kick, opponents can quickly know where one wants to pass the ball. It makes it hard for the player to make any secretive goal kicks that can allow them to to play easily from the back. With FIFA 19, it will be possible to take such secretive goal-kicks such that the opponent will not know the intention to pass the ball to a defender.

Different running patterns for the defenders

When the team is under attack, it is possible to win the possible to win the ball by using specific running patterns. It is not possible to instruct the defenders to have a certain running pattern with the current versions of FIFA. FIFA 19 will introduce a new feature where one can go to the instructions section. It will be under team management. One can then instruct the defenders to either overlap or stick within a certain distance so that they can defend well.

Game planning

Another important feature that has been added to the game is game planning. There are times when you might be 1 or 2 down and in need of a new game plan that can enable you to change tactics. FIFA 19 comes with a new feature where you can change the game plan and be offensive in case you are down. The feature is specifically to make it possible for players to make use of defenders to push forward so that they have more players in the opponent’s box.

More commentators and the introduction of Europa league

The previous versions of FIFA mainly have Alan Smith and Martin Tyler as the main commentators. FIFA 19 will introduce Lee Dixon and Derek Rae as specific commentators for the champions’ league. It, therefore, implies that if one is bored with the usual pair that commentates in the other football competitions; they can switch to champions and have the new pair of commentators. Previously, some players never had fun because their teams were not in the champions league. They had to play using other teams in the champions’ league. With the introduction of Europa league in FIFA 19, it will be possible for every player to use their team.

Defensive styles and the introduction of the cornerstone

It will now be easier for players to change the defensive tactics depending on the opponents they are facing. One can make use of the “pressure after losing possession,” “drop back,” “constant pressure” and “balanced” to neutralize the effects of the opponents on the pitch. The introduction of cornerstone now makes it easier to get goals from corners than it was before. With FIFA 19, it will be possible to hang for a longer duration in the air. It will increase the chances of one heading the ball into the net during a corner kick.

Improved touches

The new FIFA will also allow the player to make classic touches than they can currently do using the previous versions. FIFA 19 will allow players to make classic touches using different parts of the body. It improves the control that one has on the ball, therefore, making it easier for them to beat their opponents.

FIFA 19 is expected to bring more fun and experience to the players. The new features will make it easier for one to overturn the results within a few minutes. Currently, it is easy for one to beat one using a certain pattern of play. The new features will enable a player to to be able to make drastic changes to influence the outcome of the game.