FIFA 17 – The Journey

FIFA 17 is a video game designed for football fans. EA SPORTS are set to release the game in early September 2016. It will be the best soccer video game so far to be launched. Since it will be an upgrade of FIFA 16, it will have improved graphics, audio and gameplay modes. Player attacking techniques and high physical player ratings will also change. The game will also be based on the Frostbite engine. This new mode will aid players in efficiency when playing. Thus it will be a better type of engine developed from EA SPORTS developers.


Football game fanatics will also have a better advantage in controlling the settings for in-game characters. The gaming experience in FIFA 17 will take you to a whole new level of football in the pitch. More league games will be included in the match. For instance, in the Brazil league, more teams from smaller league divisions will be added.

The most incredible part of FIFA 17 is the JOURNEY where one player in the name of Alex Hunter will be included. Alex Hunter is a young 17-year-old player who will appear in the premier league. He can play in any other position. Moreover, he is a diverse player and can take up positions such as being a goalkeeper or a striker. Alex Hunter will try to play in any of the twenty premier leagues. Thus the PS4 and XBOX fanatics will be able to enjoy the new experience magic in football gaming.

FIFA 17 will also contain women leagues where you as a gamer can get to play in women leagues. Thus gender sensitivity is well catered into in this soccer gaming. The player ratings will also be highly rated in some players. Key players or icons in the leading clubs will have a better gaming control and improved skills as compared to other football gaming.

Marcos Reus, Anthony Martial, Eden Hazard on to mention a few will be the primary key ambassadors of the FIFA 17 game. EA SPORTS announced Marcos Reus as the new world cover leading representative after winning the award in the cover page.

For as a gamer or precisely a football fan in video gaming, this is a must buy. From the new improved gaming techniques to highly rated players it will be an excellent soccer video game. Moreover, the game will have an improved manager mode where it will be even easier to manage your team or club. FIFA 17 is the next new way to go as a football fan gamer.

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