FIFA 17 Review


Football fans would agree that any merchandise that features this game is definitely a great one. Over the years, this sport has extended its reach to many countries and this is evident by the increasing of football athletes all over the world. In countries like China, schools are being built just for the sole purpose of football training and development.

This is the reason why the FIFA game is so famous right now. Millions of players are already raving about the possible updates of the new game even if the previous release was only shelled out last year. FIFA has reached its peak as of now and its features are a combination of the previous versions and upgrades that it has gotten over the years.

It’s sort of hard to really set a review on how this game has fared because it presents a wholesome package for players. There are various game modes which have received many upgrades and they have come together with every new edition. This FIFA 17 is no exception to this trend. We can probably expect a lot of simple changes that avid player will notice right away.

The last edition (FIFA 16) featured an all new Draft mode from the FIFA Ultimate Team. So the question is, can we expect such big changes for the 17 version? It’s the information that players want to get their hands on from the time that rumors came out for a new version. .

Why Anticipate the Early Release

Like many other games in the market which features early releases, this one also has something that we can anticipate since there will be tons of offers and bonuses in the game whenever a new season starts. It’s the head start that you can take advantage of. Best of all, this is the most exciting part of the game – discovering what’s new and what you can get out of it. The FIFA 17 Web App will definitely give players their share of great bonuses and upgrades before the official release slated on September 27 of this year.

FIFA 17 Features

  • Features a new story mode called “The Journey”, where you can play along as Alex Hunter, the new rec ruit
  • The AI player movement and set pieces are improved
  • Premiere League Managers will be featured on the sidelines
  • FUT Draft and Ultimate Team mode will return
  • New game will run with EA’s Frostbite Engine

Expect more from the game

Of course, FIFA 17 has to come with upgrades and they are already announcing what players can expect from the new release scheduled next month.  With the new Frostbite engine, it is said to run smoothly without any problems and lag later on.

A new mode called The Journey will also make its way through. You will be able to play as Alex Hunter, a new star recruit. One downside though, is that Hunter cannot be customized like other players. You will only be able to play for all Premiere League teams as well.

The overall game play is also expected to get an overhaul. Players will have more control  on set piece deliveries so they can approach a penalty run in  their own way. Performing throw ins and being able to pick out people is also made more accurate as well. There is the improvement for the control of free kicks and its spin. You can aim the cursor  accordingly to where you want the ball directed. Lastly, there is the AI system which aims to present more spatial awareness for players and also can assist them in making smarter runs into corners and spaces.

All this and more can be expected from the new edition of the game, and there is no denying that it is one of the hottest releases of the year. It is highly anticipated among others and this is why the hype has not gone down yet since the rumors of a 17th edition came out.

What Will Return

As for what will be retained from the previous versions, you can expect Ultimate Team to be back. You can still choose from the 11 defaults for managers who will go over the touchlines. Outfits will have options as well. For avid players, you will be glad that Pro Club is back as well together with the women’s football teams.

On Buying the New Release

For those who are really avid fans of football, you simply cannot go wrong with buying this new merchandise. The overall game will remain the same, but you will also notice some quirks as you go along. It makes for a great improvement when it comes to the expectations of players. With this in mind, it can be easily said that the wait for this new edition is definitely worth it.

It’s also best to check out the early releases  so that you can avail of different in-game bonuses and offers. Many people have attested to this and there is the advantage of getting boosts and a head start on others who have not yet opened the game.


FIFA is one great game. Whether you are playing online or via console, it’s the  total football experience that most are after. The realistic graphics and the featured teams are also well known so this is a great bonus. Much like its basketball counterpart, the NBA 2K17, the new release will also be dependent on the run of the season and this makes it unpredictable in some ways. Are there new teams that will be featured? Who will be the new players? What game mode will be out this season? These are only some of the questions that you can check out with regards to the new release of this game. Players all over the world can set their sights on this and also focus on the improved platform that will be released for each new season. It’s definitely worth an upgrade!

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