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FIFA 20 – A New Game Experience That is Worth Your Time

Recently I got the chance to get my hands on the sample of the game FIFA 20 in an event. I would say that FIFA 20 is kind similar to FIFA 19 but with hell lot of modifications, customizations, and add-ons. But unfortunately, we couldn’t get the FIFA 20 Beta as we were not being able to get the Beta code. 

So to make things clear, this review is not a review about FIFA 20 Beta rather a general overview of the game. 

Sam Rivera, the lead producer of the gameplay announced that the key areas that have been the priority this year are around the pace. With tough defenders, sharpshooting strikers, Volta mode and indoor five-a-side mode, FIFA 20 are all about to rock your soccer gaming experience this year. 

FIFA 20 – Release Date

Developed by Electronic Arts, FIFA 20 is scheduled to be released by September 27 and is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. Well, this is not a surprise because last year FIFA released its game around the same time of the year. You can pre-order your FIFA 20 and can get the advantage to access the game three days before the worldwide release. 

If you are an EA access player, then you get to witness the thrill of the game a week earlier with your subscription services.

 So what are you waiting for? Place your order right now. 

FIFA 20 – Trailer

If you have not seen the latest trailer of FIFA 20, then you are definitely at loss. 

If you can remember the early PS1-era of FIAF games then you can relate to this. With the new “Volta Football” mode you can play 3v3 Rush, 4v4 Rush and many professional Futsal matches both indoors and outdoors match in different stadiums from all around the world.

FIFA 20 Gameplay Details

Discussing the gameplay of FIFA 20 , there is a lot to dig deep. To be specific, the game has three core aspects to it. 

The first being increasing the overall understanding of the Al players, making it more impactful than the last version of FIFA allowing the AL to defend for you in the best way possible. This adds a more realistic feeling to the football match. Though controlled by AI, defenders can still present a strong challenge and you don’t the feeling of those annoying superhuman athletes. The players operated by Artificial Intelligence can also make mistakes now. 

The second core aspect is the “decisive moments” designed with four brand new mechanics: Controller Tackling, Strafe Dribbling, Composed Finishing, and Set Piece Refresh. FIFA 20 makes sure that attackers with lower dribbling can be attacked and tackled easily by defenders while you can also attack the high dribbling stat and beat them. You get this feeling of realism all across the team. Electronic Arts mentions that this change has been designed bearing in mind to give the team play a more natural feeling rather than the tedious running into walls after walls of defenders.

The third aspect is “the ball physics”. With new shot trajectories and more realistic tackle interactions, you can feel the benefits of better physics-driven behavior. You can easily spin your ball thus allowing you more freedom over striking the ball during the time of penalty. Isn’t that amazing?

You can easily switch between players that seem more improved and more intelligent thus giving you control over team members. You can easily switch to manual mode, just to make things simpler for you.

Also being described as “authentic game flow” FIFA 20 is all around the gaming market making sure the one-on-one encounters feel more like miniatures battles as one dribble towards the penalty hit. Now you can easily score past goalkeepers and along with the dynamic weather and larger and vivid stadiums this new version of FIFA is expected to be the world’s biggest sporting sim.

Final Verdict

This is indeed one of the best soccer games that the whole gaming world is obsessed about and with the upcoming release FIFA 20 hack, this game is about to reach a new level. The developers have made sure that this latest has everything that the players always desired. 

A Glimpse to the FIFA 19 Game Improvements

Fans are eagerly awaiting the beginning of the football season this August and what better way to start this than the FIFA 19 game. EA Sports has promised its fans improved features and gameplay. It is expected that the game will be launched in September 2018. What clearly stands out is that we will now have the Champions League included in the teams. EA sports have acquired the licensing rights to brand the stadiums, trophy, and famous Champions League anthem.

The cover athlete for the game is non-other than Cristiano Ronaldo. He had a remarkable season in Real Madrid before his move to Juventus. To make the career mode more realistic and in tune with the football world, EA has incorporated the Europa League as part of gameplay.

Improvements in Gameplay

You can now shoot will all the finesse due to improved pressing buttons. If your team is losing, you can change tactic and make them more attacking. This enables the players to win the ball more times.

The Mini-map has been improved, and this will help you identify players and opponents more easily. For example, one team will have circles and the other triangles. This will make it to identify players, especially where the jerseys colors are very similar.

New commentary team: The Champions League will have Lee Dixon and Derek Rae offering commentary while the domestic League will feature Alan Smith and Martin Tyler.

Champions League game mode: You can play the teams in the normal modes for journey and career or if you want to customize the game to see how some of the teams will perform a switch to the standalone mode.

Active Touch System: The new system will give the gamers more creative options in how they control and pass the ball. First touches have been incorporated as well as a new animation called the Neymar trap; set of tricks to confuse opponents.

Timed Finishing: This feature will help players make more accurate goals. By double tapping the shoot button, you can precisely connect a shot for the perfect finish. You can use this feature for headers and long shots.

Champions channel: The game is all about improving your skills. In this channel, you can view highlights of some top rated players in the champions skills with the aim of learning some cool.

Tactical Advantage: This feature will help the player have better control of the team. Though the details on the feature are scanty, we think it will help players customize their team’s pre and mid-match. This will come in handy especially when the team is doing badly. You will have various tactical advantages at your disposal to change gameplay after half-time.
Final thoughts

Fans all over the world anticipate the FIFA 19 game. But, it is the introduction of the Champion League features that have made the game sort after. While the release date has not been officially announced many are the view that it will be sometime in September 2018. Expect better touch systems, timed finishing and a new commentary team for the games.

FIFA 19 – The Ultimate FIFA Dream Team

One of the primary concerns for gamers is that FIFA 19 game developers will repeat the same mistakes they made for the FIFA 18. Many game fans were startled to find that what was marketed during the demo was very different from what they bought. The game release was later followed by several updates that begged the question; why not develop the game to incorporate all features before release.

EA is yet to make an official release date, but game reviewers are speculating the game will be available in September 2018. However, there has been a short footage of what to expect from FIFA 19 game. The changes to the game are will be subtle rather than significant game features.

Some of the anticipated changes;

  1. The mini-map: In the previous games, it can be difficult distinguishing the players. This has been changed, and now opponents appear as triangles and game players as circles.
  2. Improved animations: the game will incorporate some cool animations like the ability to perform chest controls and various maneuvers when chasing the ball.
  3. More attacking options: you can customize the game and give instructions to players to strike with more precision or have more players to help in gaining possession.
  4. Timing Finishing: is a cool feature that lets players maximize their goal scoring range. If you press, shoot a second time just before the player makes the shoot you get options to adjust your curve, accuracy, and
  5. Sweet Spot: to increase the chances of the ball striking the top corner merely tap circle or press B when the player’s foot hits the ball.
  6. Tactics: You can now assign tactics when you are losing a game. During half-time, if the score is 1-0, you can set tactics for the team. Press the D-pad, and this should be implemented.

EA has acquired a Champions league license so expect some of your favorite teams. This extends to the Champions league logos, and commentary team – Lee Dixon and Derek Rae.  Though not as anticipated as the Champions League, the game will feature the Europa league. It is estimated that the game will have nine playable teams:

  • Juventus
  • Bayern Munich
  • PSG
  • Man United
  • Real Madrid
  • Borussia Dortmund
  • Tottenham Hotspur
  • Atletico Madrid
  • Man City

Gameplay Improvements

Some of the features influencing gameplay will include better passing; this has been redesigned to make it feel more natural. An active touch system will enable players to make first touches from any part of their body. You can also feint attacks by shifting your body weight to one side when the ball is fast approaching.

Cristiano Ronaldo has had a great season at Real Madrid and is a favorite player with the younger FIFA fans. He will be the cover athlete for the FIFA 19 game. Fans were able to glimpse at the game during the EA play held on June 9.

Final Thoughts

The FIFA 19 is slated for release in September, and ardent fans can wait to get their hands on the game. While there have been changes to FIFA 19, the changes are subtle, and you will need to be keen to notice them.

You need to try all tips and tricks to gain more coins from the game. For increased success rate, you need to actively participate in the game to have fun and earn coins simultaneously. Concentrating on the best technique that will give more gains will help you realize your ultimate goal.

Simple-yet-Effective FIFA 19 Game Tips

Good news for FIFA lovers, FIFA 19 finally kicks off bringing all the excitement and fun back for football lovers. The all-new FIFA 19 has a plenty of new mechanics and refinements as compared to the old one. So brace yourself because you will need to reprogram your FIFA brain to get the winning titles.

We have put together a list of tips to be a better player and adapt the new mechanics as soon and as fast as possible

1. Time Finishing: Learn how to use time finishing. It changes the way you hit the moving ball is typically the hardest ever. Time finishing is perfect for the shots outside the box.

2. Turn the difficulty level up: If you really want to be a better player then you must turn the difficulty at professional. It will also help you in your career and will pull you out of your comfort zone.

3. Know your players: There are many things you should know about your players. You should know their weakness as well as their strength because you are playing with them. Learn how to switch players.

4. Driven Cross: If you have got a strike then the low cross works best, but if you bend the ball around the defender or you want to make a goal from an unusual angle then driven cross is surely best for you.

5. Use tactics: You will find the deepest tactics option in FIFA 19 so far. The new FIFA 19 new tactics let you set individual strategies, which can help you to turn the game in your hand. So make sure you use quick tactics in the game.


There is no better feeling than kicking a great goal. We have broken up everything into the gaming mode so check out the above tips and enjoy FIFA 19.

Learn FIFA 19 Tips and Tricks!

We’ve summarized up a rundown of the basic FIFA 19 hints you have to keep in mind. They entail everything of its concern from getting to grips with the latest gameplay highlights, to scoring goal tricks and strategies.

Figure out how to utilize Timed Finishing – This new timed finishing shot is epitomized to the dual tap shot input, it is comprised of three dimensions of achievement shown by the hue of your player symbol on discharge. Planned Finishing is ideal for shots away from the box and adds somewhat more power back of the ball.

Driven Shot – It is as yet an outright brute. This year, it’s epitomized to L1 + R1 + Shoot, and in case you power it up, it’s basically an ensured goal at short proximity.

Slow down – One amongst the most well-known errors that numerous FIFA 19 players commit is to depend too intensely on the dash catch. You are probably going to lose the ball as you dash, so spare it for attacking plays as well as goal methodologies

Ground Cross – While playing against someone else, utilize the double press cross to trick your rival.

Utilize Tactics – This FIFA (FIFA 19) has the most profound strategies alternatives in the series still.

Snappy Tactics – Similarly, as you play the game, make a point to really utilize the brisk strategies.

Up, Up – One amongst the most valuable strategies in this FIFA is squeezing Up twice on the d-cushion while attacking. This will get players into the box and can have a genuine effect when crossing the ball.

Turn the trouble up – In case you need to show signs of improvement at FIFA 19 then we suggest having the difficulty at expertise.

Figure out how to put on players with the correct stick – While your impulse may be to hit L1 or LB to switch player in this FIFA, you may need to get to know the correct simple stick.

Be keen on your set pieces – Getting a free kick or a corner in FIFA 19 is an extraordinary chance to score a simple goal in the event that you comprehend whatever you’re doing that is.

Utilize L2/LT for first contacts – to evade any substantial contacts and loss of possession while getting the ball, utilize L2/LT to keep the ball close.

A Closer Look at the Revamped FIFA 19 Masterpiece

The latest iteration of the popular franchise is back with a bang this year and Cristiano Ronaldo ditching the overflowing white of the Bernabeu for the obsidian and white strips of the Bianconeri is not the only big change to note. FIFA 19 takes a seat on the interrogation table in a bid to determine what’s new, what works, what doesn’t and what should be tweaked next year.

The Good

1) Improved gameplay
Before FIFA 18, gameplay was all about pacey wingers and a certain header to round off a sure goal. Last year’s edition sought to alleviate this conundrum with a slow-paced gameplay thrown into the fold. While it somewhat worked- until it didn’t- FIFA 19 went to back to the drawing board and got it spot on this time around. Player responsiveness has been commendably tightened while there is a nice balance of power and pace with regards to through passes and regular passes.

Moreover, gameplay has gotten a lot more realistic and physical which is actually a good thing. You can feel the intensity of duels while 50/50 challenges afford a more level playing field than in the past. Speedsters are also no longer unfathomably uncatchable while goalkeepers aren’t as inhumanly flawless as before and you’ll see them occasionally error with crosses and saves. In a nutshell, the game feels like a natural and proper match akin to the real world alternative.

2) More tactical options
The introduction of dynamic controls has seen a great improvement in the flexibility of game plans. Players can now tweak the nitty-gritty e.g. deciding who stays back or goes up for corners, how marauding fullbacks attack among other small yet essential details. Moreover, customized game plans can now be saved for quick access via the D-Pad/ right joystick depending on which is your preferred tool of movement.

3) UEFA tournaments
The UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League finally make their way into the 19th edition after having been previously shackled to bitter rivals PES for the better part of a decade. The absence of football’s biggest club competition always left like something was missing but now the game is truly complete. The transition comes with all the accompanying benefits such as the new UEFA commentating pair of Lee Dixon and Derek Rake to supplement regulars Martin Tyler and Allan Smith who continue in charge of league duties.

What else is new this Year?

1) Timed finishing
This is either good or bad depending on where you’re standing but timed finished is an intriguing new feature witnessed for the first time since the inception of the video game. By tapping your shot button a second time right before you left fly, you can initiate a timed meter- akin to the FIFA 14 penalties- whose precision will increase shot power and accuracy.

2) Unpredictable goal kicks
Those who like to play out from the back know the pain of losing possession from a goal kick as the camera gives away which player you are kicking to the ball to. That is no longer the case though as the camera doesn’t shift direction with your controls making goal kicks secretive.

3) Excellent first touches
Long gone are the days when a player would take ages to bring the ball in his stride as first touches have greatly improved. The incorporation of an active touch system also allows good control with other parts of the body.

4) No rule modes
To switch things up a bit when playing with friends, EA has added new modes that tear up the rule book like never before. You can now enforce policies such as no-headed/volleyed goals, the red-card-per-goal rule whereby a player is sent off for every goal the opposition scores and many other fun customizations that defy standard footballing.


1) Career mode sees no changes whatsoever
Save for the addition of the two premier UEFA competitions, nothing has changed in this year’s career mode and Pro Club adventures. Everything is pretty much the same as last year except for “The journey” that welcomes its curtain-closing chapter.

2) Weak foot weakness
One could still get in decent shots even on a player’s less favored foot in previous versions however gameplay changes have seen week foot shooting get even weaker. Well, except for star players such as Lionel Messi, of course, you’re more likely to hit the advertisement boards than the back of the net with weak foot attempts particularly from far out the pitch.

Final Verdict

All in all, FIFA has made great strides this year with their latest iteration met with nodding heads the world over. Gameplay is improved, the new features are welcomed and the tactic changes are admirable. Definite thumbs up!

New Features That Make FIFA 19 A Whole New Gaming Experience

Over the years, people have enjoyed playing games on their PCs by upgrading to the latest versions of FIFA that are released on an annual basis. FIFA 19 has brought a whole unique experience to football lovers who like playing the game on PCs. Many features have now been included in the game, and as the release date approaches, one should learn about them. One should know the different ways in which the features are expected to bring more fun to the game. Some of the features that were initially not in the previous versions of FIFA and have been included in FIFA 19 include the following:

Better ways of taking goal kicks

One of the things that make players feel that the current version does not fully satisfy their needs is the fact that the opponent can read their minds. Currently, when taking a goal-kick, opponents can quickly know where one wants to pass the ball. It makes it hard for the player to make any secretive goal kicks that can allow them to to play easily from the back. With FIFA 19, it will be possible to take such secretive goal-kicks such that the opponent will not know the intention to pass the ball to a defender.

Different running patterns for the defenders

When the team is under attack, it is possible to win the possible to win the ball by using specific running patterns. It is not possible to instruct the defenders to have a certain running pattern with the current versions of FIFA. FIFA 19 will introduce a new feature where one can go to the instructions section. It will be under team management. One can then instruct the defenders to either overlap or stick within a certain distance so that they can defend well.

Game planning

Another important feature that has been added to the game is game planning. There are times when you might be 1 or 2 down and in need of a new game plan that can enable you to change tactics. FIFA 19 comes with a new feature where you can change the game plan and be offensive in case you are down. The feature is specifically to make it possible for players to make use of defenders to push forward so that they have more players in the opponent’s box.

More commentators and the introduction of Europa league

The previous versions of FIFA mainly have Alan Smith and Martin Tyler as the main commentators. FIFA 19 will introduce Lee Dixon and Derek Rae as specific commentators for the champions’ league. It, therefore, implies that if one is bored with the usual pair that commentates in the other football competitions; they can switch to champions and have the new pair of commentators. Previously, some players never had fun because their teams were not in the champions league. They had to play using other teams in the champions’ league. With the introduction of Europa league in FIFA 19, it will be possible for every player to use their team.

Defensive styles and the introduction of the cornerstone

It will now be easier for players to change the defensive tactics depending on the opponents they are facing. One can make use of the “pressure after losing possession,” “drop back,” “constant pressure” and “balanced” to neutralize the effects of the opponents on the pitch. The introduction of cornerstone now makes it easier to get goals from corners than it was before. With FIFA 19, it will be possible to hang for a longer duration in the air. It will increase the chances of one heading the ball into the net during a corner kick.

Improved touches

The new FIFA will also allow the player to make classic touches than they can currently do using the previous versions. FIFA 19 will allow players to make classic touches using different parts of the body. It improves the control that one has on the ball, therefore, making it easier for them to beat their opponents.

FIFA 19 is expected to bring more fun and experience to the players. The new features will make it easier for one to overturn the results within a few minutes. Currently, it is easy for one to beat one using a certain pattern of play. The new features will enable a player to to be able to make drastic changes to influence the outcome of the game.

Watch Out For These Features in FIFA 19

EA Canada revealed the much-anticipated FIFA 19 video game although its release will be in September 2018. Some features of this new simulation game are similar to those found in its predecessor. Others are new. In some cases, EA Canada enhanced existing features. Overall, this incredible game is worth your time and money.

Here is a comprehensive FIFA 19 Review.

  • Goal Kicks Can Be Secretive

Interestingly, the camera does not move when you move the stick during a goal kick. That means you can emulate tactics typically used by Manchester City and Barcelona when dealing with these situations. More specifically, you can play from your right back or center back without the second player knowing where you will pass.


  • Patterns Made By Your Team

You could not tell your full backs what runs they should make when they were on the attack. Now you can do that with FIFA 19. Go to the team management instructions tab for players. You will see an option. It allows you to communicate with your full backs. Use it to direct to under-lap into the pitch’s center or overlap the winger.


  • Planning Ahead is Possible

The creation and implementation of a game plan is an added feature in FIFA 19. More specifically, you can configure different tactical options before the match starts. Therefore, having separate game plans depending on your score is possible. For example, you can go on the offensive when you are one goal down. Alternatively, you can protect your lead when you are two goals up.


  • The Commentators Are Incredible

Alan Smith and Martin Tyler entertained FIFA 18 players with their witty and entertaining commentaries. Fortunately, EA Canada went a step further by introducing a new commentary team for the Champions League. More specifically, it added Lee Dixon and Derek Rae to the list of commentators. They will add flavor to the game with their expert commentaries.


  • Customization is Possible

You will see the Champions Leader in the Journey, Career, and Ultimate Team mode. You can get it in Standalone Mode as well. Fortunately, you can set up a customized Champions League within that mode, and you can include any team you like. In fact, Arsenal can be in it as well. That will enhance your gaming experience because it adds variety to the game.


  • Control Over Your Defensive Styles

FIFA 19 gives you an improved level of control over your team’s defensive style. More specifically, you can change the way your team tries to reclaim the ball. The settings you can use for this kind of change are ‘pressure on heavy touch,’ ‘drop back, ‘ and ‘balanced.’ Others are ‘pressure after possession loss’ and ‘constant pressure.’


  • Changing the Width and Depth of Your Team

Tactical depth is critical especially when it comes to penetrating defenses. In fact, Brazil used it to score the final goal against Italy in the 1970 World Cup. Luckily, you can adjust the width and depth of your team in FIFA 19. You can change the players you send forward as well when you are dealing with corner kicks.


  • It Has a Touch of Class

This additional detail may seem unworthy of mention, but affects the experience you have while playing the game. More specifically, step-overs are a bit easier to trigger than in previous versions of the game. They are also stronger than they were. It is worth noting that a right-weighted step-over brings a slight touch to the left and vice versa. This feature helps you fool your opponent.


  • Confirmation of Tactics

FIFA games were ambiguous when it came to the activation of in-game tactical options. This ambiguity annoyed players because they would never know if these options were temporary or permanent. Fortunately, FIFA 19 has a clear toggle bringing some clarity to this aspect of the video game. For example, you would know when you are telling a center back to join an offensive play.


  • Through Passes

The experiencing of passing the ball to other players feels better in FIFA 19 than it did in previous versions of the game. However, the most significant improvement is when it comes to making through passes. More specifically, they feel more natural than they ever did. They also feel powerful. In fact, EA Canada might reduce this power before they release the game in September.

FIFA 18 Review

If you are a fan of online games, FIFA 18 is a great option for you. It is a game that has similar modes that you will just love. There is the ultimate team mode that allows you to build your own team using your card. In addition, the same strategy also helps you build your own club. There is an opportunity for simulation that allows you to run a front office. The three modes offer players wide range of ways to take part into the real on field action. There are no radical changes that have been made in this game, but you will just love it. Here is a more detailed FIFA 18 reviews that will help you gain more understanding.

Focus to detail

All the aspects of the game have been doubled down. The game has facial likeness of majority of most famous players in the top leagues in the world. When you play the game the stadiums will just pop up instantly and the pre-game commentary is more televised compared to most other games. There are 3D rendered fans occupying the stands. Another great thing is that the lighting differs from one pitch to the other.


Another aspect is that the gameplay also pops out effectively. One thing you will note is that the speed of the game has been reduced. This makes all things in the game move in a more fluid manner. In addition, the reduced speed makes players have ample time to make the right decisions when they have the ball unlike in the past games. The passing aspect of the game is fine tuned, thus giving more opportunity for more control and balls. There is also the reduction of the number of frustrating turnovers. If you have the right experience, you are allowed to add another skill level in terms of turning down assist level of shots and passes. There is the addition of fast substitutes which makes the gameplay even more interesting.

You can also feel FIFA 18 more than most other games because of the numbers of dribble animations, shot and player outcomes. There is increased individuality of every player involved in the game.


FIFA 18 has a career mode with a more streamlined interface, high number of computer transfers and player negotiations that are more intuitive. The player negotiations add extra amount of realism in this game. It is now possible to have pre agreed loans and transfers done outside the window periods. This makes it possible for more enhanced mechanics to happen.

Creating an ultimate team requires more dedication and time. However, with an ultimate team you will have a better platform to enjoy a more competitive online play. It is also possible for you to create a game within a game. Just like most other games FIFA 18 has RPG elements in its different modes.


In overall, FIFA 18 is a great game for every online game enthusiast to enjoy. All you need to do is to master it well and you will definitely love it.